Thursday, 31 October 2013

Megacities and the development impact of business

This post is written in Cairo -- where the developmental challenges of current and future megacities are manifest even to an untrained eye.

It is a fitting place to read a new book ('The Turnaround Challenge') co-written by Mick Blowfield. Subtitled 'Business and the city of the future', it deals with a host of sustainability and social challenges, and the potential for innovative business practices and models of capitalism that might mitigate or address these.

That is the point of this short post, really: rather than reading my thoughts, I commend the work itself.

This post also comes ahead of a visit next week to North America for various roundtables on the role of business in meeting development goals; next week includes a debate on 'corporate social enterprises' at CSIS under Chevron's 'Forum for Development' speaker programme: see here. For a primer on the sort of things under discussion, see the IDG's report (about a year old now) on the topic of business contributions to pressing development issues: here.
The role of the private sector in meeting global development goals is a recurrent them of my blog -- see some posts grouped here.

[Cairo traffic hooted and crawled throughout the making of this blog-post ...]


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